Yallingup to Busselton.

Some of the remaining food we’re carrying …


The last of the dehydrated dhal is still lurking in someone’s pannier – a sinister presence, as are a few packets of tuna and salmon and Deb (as in ‘dehydrated potato’ not ‘does Dallas’).

On the road to Busselton after coffee and breakfast at Andy’s opposite the campground. Much quieter there today than yesterday with all the Sunday day-trippers calling in.

It’s 8 km across to Dunsborough from Yallingup, along a busy main road. Dunsborough is on the coast, by Geographe Bay.



There’s a bike path that runs all the way around the shore from Dunsborough to Busselton (25 km or so). For quite some distance out of Dunsborough we ride past seaside mansions with absolute beach frontages.


An easy ride along the track. We’re in Busselton by midday.


Camped at the caravan park nearest town. Lots of people staying there as the Busselton agricultural show is on this weekend and the sideshow operators are there in readiness for the opening of the showgrounds later in the week.

We’re going to bus up to Falcon tomorrow – Nettie and Justin on the morning service, me on the afternoon run. (Transwa buses only guarantee two bicycles per bus and as the passenger numbers are up for all services north tomorrow we decided not to risk one of us being offloaded from the early service and not having a confirmed booking for the later trip.)

An end of day walk out along the 1.841 km jetty, the longest in WA, Australia, the universe or something like that. Very pretty.


Almost a full moon tonight.



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