Gugelhopf, water divining and the beach

Gugelhopf “is a southern German, Austrian, Swiss and Alsatian term for a marble cake or Bundt cake”. There’s a small bakery opposite our campsite that makes them (you can see the pots in the photos below, the sort of upside down earthenware objects). We buy one fresh out of the oven, take it down to the next-door café and eat the lot with a coffee. That’s breakfast.



We’ve been talking about water divining recently. Justin found some old fencing wire at one of our roadside stops yesterday and we try divining in the campground after breakfast. It seems to work, at least we confirmed the location of the camp water pipes – not unexpectedly they ran to the camp taps. Regardless, some ‘power’ was definitely causing the divining rods to turn. Ouija board tonight.



Yallingup is a pretty laid back surfer hamlet. There’s a surfing competition on, which we discover when we walk down to the beach. The presentations are on at the Caves House Hotel tonight so we’ll go along.


A walk along part of the Cape-to-Cape track, to a lunch stop overlooking the ocean. The weather has cleared and the sea is calm. We see dolphins swimming parallel to the shore, just beyond the breaking waves, and further out see whale spouts (but not much of the whale itself). The whales are apparently a little further north at this time of year, in Geographe Bay, so we hope to see a few more as we head around the coast to Busselton tomorrow.


Campsite at Yallingup …



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