Margaret River to the place of love

Up at the crack of dawn (nothing new there really), breakfast and pack then into the main street of Margaret River township to watch the start of the third day of the Cape to Cape MTB race. 1,200 riders in all, split into two groups: the elite riders first, all sinewy muscles and 0% body fat, then the rest in a large group to the rear – all ages, shapes and sizes in that one. Lots of people out to watch – not quite in Tour de France spectator numbers, but a good turn out nonetheless and a real buzz.



A coffee after the MTBers have disappeared into the hills, probably the best we’ve had on the trip so far (at The Noshery, only been open a couple of weeks), then a stop at Brumbys for savoury damper and six donuts to take with us for morning tea on the road then off we go. Got a kilometre out of town to discover the side road we planned to take to get through to the Caves Road was closed because it formed part of the MTB race course so we backtracked, waited out a passing shower under a shop verandah then rode down to the Caves Road via a longer back route. From there it was 25 km in showery conditions to a late morning tea by a vineyard.




Another wait-out-the-shower stop a few kms down the road …


… then a stop for a locally made camembert and some Italian gorgonzola at the cheesery we called into yesterday. Bear the black labrador was very friendly …



Onwards to Yallingup. The ‘up’ suffix to WA place names means ‘place of’ and Yallingup means ‘place of love’.

At the Caves House Hotel now, having a beer. It’s a historic place, sort of similar to the Hydro Majestic in Katoomba, and nearish to the beach. Very popular, too. Apparently people come from far afield (e.g. Perth) to drink and relax here. And maybe to find love!


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